Kieran Billen

Age:       19 years old

Height:   5' 9 Inches

Weight: 180 Off season

Comp Weight:   145

Chest:    43 Inches

Waist:     29 Inches

Bicep:     16 Inches

Thigh:      23 Inches

Videos:  8

Photos:   30


Preview Photos: Kieran Billen

Kierans Video Downloads

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Kieran Billen Cocky Flex Special

16 minutes of "cocky" featuring one of the web's most favourite Teen Bodybuilders Kieran B. Posing and admiring himself in front of his mirror. The camera loves him and he knows it!

Price $15.99

Kieran Billen

Unseen video footage featuring Teen Bodybuilder doing what he does best. 3 videos 1 price!


Kieran Billen Introductory Flex Video 13 minutes.


Kieran Billen "Pose Crush Pose" 12 minutes


Kieran Billen Flex & Pose. 8 weeks out part 1 13 mins 40 secs



Kieran Billen. Flex & Pose 8 weeks out part 2